Daily Short of the Day: "Out of Sight"

As I continue to change and mold this site to be more than just another movie review site, I've decided it might be fun to start discussing short films.  Short films have always been a great way for directors to try their hand at film making.  While most shorts are disposable and not worth further scrutiny (even some of Steven Spielberg's shorts from way back when aren't much to speak home about), there are also TONS of great film experiences that compacted into little mini-masterpieces.  And you want to know the best part: Most of these mini-masterpieces are available for free on YouTube...LEGALLY!!!  So, I think I would like to spend some time spotlighting some of these things.

Let's start with "Out of Sight," a short where a blind girl loses her dog and tries to find it.  What is so magical about this short is how the film manages to give the audience a bit of perspective on how a blind girl might (in theory) see the world.  Of course there's no way for someone to truly know this in real life, but from a pure imagination standpoint, it's a beautiful short with wonderful colors and a protagonist who is clearly not handicapped by her disability (and the scene where she realizes what a bakery is as the image slowly comes to life is nothing short of magical).  The whole short can be viewed above.