Short of the Day: Moonbird

One of the new features I want to add to this site is the addition of "Short of the Day." These are going to be short films that I want to bring attention to (and provide a little bit of entertainment for your day). This doesn't mean there is going to be a short every single day, only that on that specific day there will be a short shared. I'm even adding a new tab at the beginning of the page so that you can see all the posts in one place for your convenience.

Today's short is "Moonbird" directed by John and Faith Hubley (though Faith is only credited as a producer here). It is an experimental film where the husband and wife team secretly recorded their two boys having an imaginary adventure after dark in their bedroom. The two put the story to animation and delivered something charming and inventive. The short film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film (then known as Best Cartoon) and became the first independent short to win in this category. It would not be the last time these two would collect gold trophies.