Short of the Day: The Ventriloquist

Today's Short of the Day is something that may rub people the wrong way because it stars controversial actor Kevin Spacey. Yes, I am aware of the allegations that surround him. Yes, I am also aware that he has not been found guilty in any of the cases that went to court. No, this does not diminish him as a great actor in my mind. For others, it may, but for me, the art is the art. One year he starred in this short film where he plays a ventriloquist. While many of the people he interacts with finds him charming and hilarious, the man is using his act to cover up some deep insecurities.

I have no idea if this reflects some of Spaceys own insecurities about his sexuality or not, but it is a very effective short nonetheless. For those who can put aside the actors' controversial life, this is a gem of a short that is worth watching (and you can do so above).