Short of the Day: Wait for Me, Magikarp

Today's Short of the Day is a Pokemon short. The Pokemon franchise has now been around for more than 20 years, meaning that anyone who remembers their parents saying that this was a fad that would die out are officially eating their words. Not only does the franchise still have a hit game and anime, but Nintendo has also experimented with animated shorts featuring the characters called Poketoons. We may discuss more of them in the future, but I wanted to highlight this one called "Wait for Me, Magikarp" first. 

Though the ending might befuddle those who are not in the know of the Pokemon world, the short tells a charming story of a boy who bonds with a fish over music. Animation fans will want to take note of the beautiful watercolor paintings as well as how the images complement the music perfectly. It's hard not to watch this one with a huge smile on your face.